Whether you're a frequent sender or just starting out, we offer a range of options that suit the way you send.

Monthly Plans

Get the most out of CitrusEmail. We offer a range of packages:

up to 500 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

501-1000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

1001-2500 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

2501-5000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

5001-10000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

10001-25000 subscribers

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Free setup
  • Email Support

We will automatically move you between tiers based on how many subscribers you have, so you'll never pay more than you need.

All our plans include powerful features such as

  • A/B Split Tests

    A/B Split Tests

    Take the guesswork out of campaign design and test your options in real-time with your subscribers instead.

  • Autoresponders


    Easier than ever to send birthday greetings, event reminders & timely special offers to your subscribers.

  • Recurring Campaings

    Recurring Campaings

    Send automatic emails every time you publish a new post or new content. Keep your blog subscribers or website followers automatically up to date.

  • Campaign Reports and statistics

    Campaign Reports and statistics

    Dive straight into campaign data with overviews that highlight which subscribers have opened, clicked, shared, or unsubscribed from your most recent email

  • Subscriber groups

    Subscriber groups

    Target specific subscribers by creating groups based on data they've shared with you (like gender, geographic location or job title), or previous activity (like whether or not they've opened your last campaign).

  • Facebook Subscription Forms

    Facebook Subscription Forms

    Grow your contact list directly from your Facebook account with this handy extra.

  • Whitelisting


    We implement whitelisting with major ISPs and assist our customers with establishing best practices for developing content, managing (and maintaining) list hygiene and provide in-product tools like Spam Assassin and Litmus which test your content to ensure it doesn't trigger spam filters.

  • SPAM check

    SPAM check

    Our tool will scan your emails and provide easy-to-follow recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of your e-mail being filtered. 

  • Automatic List Management

    Automatic List Management

    We handle hard bounces, soft bounces, complaints and unsubscribe requests so you don't have to worry about the details.

  • Add ons

    Add ons

    Install any of our free Add-Ons to automize tasks like importing your contacts from Google, Highrise, SalesForce or others.

High Volume Plans

If your list is greater than 25,000 contacts or you need to send more than 500,000 emails every month, we can accommodate you! Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize your campaigns.


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