Yes! You can see a break-down of clicks for all the links in your email and can even drill down to the details and see which person clicked on each link.

Yes, of course! The second anyone opens your email, we record the exact date & time and present that to you in an online report. If that same person opens it again, we’ll track that, too.

Not at all! You are under no obligation to sign a contract or commit to a certain period of time when using CitrusEmail. You will use CitrusEmail because they love it… not because they signed a contract.

Our monthly subscription is based on how many active contacts you have on your mailing list. You can email those contacts as often as you want for one low monthly price.

Yes. Managing bounces is a very important part of email marketing and we make it easy for you. For each email you will see a total number of bounces, both Hard and Soft. You can then view that list, export and to block those addresses from future mailings. Our sophisticated bounce analysis tools will even tell you why an email has been bounced.

Yes! In the email creation wizard you will be asked if you want to email yourself a test copy. This way you can see exactly what it will look like in your inbox.Yes! As you create your email you can click ‘preview’ to see a real-time update of what it will look like.

One of the best parts about email marketing is that you can target specific groups of people quickly and easily. Moreover, you can personalize each email so that relevant information appears. To do this, you’ll need to start by creating a form that’s tailored to your needs.

Advanced HTML user? You can create a fully customized form.

Getting the information you need:

In order for your form to reflect the information you need, you have to add fields to your list.

Adding a field Manually

Note: Avoid asking for too much information: you don’t want your customers to have to fill in so much information that they’ll get bored and simply not subscribe instead. Keep it between 3 or 4 fields.

Adding a field via a CSV upload

When you upload a list, you will be able to Match Fields.

Finding the Form

Getting the form

Getting the link to the form

Note: Every field mapped to your contact list will show on your form.

Now that your form is set up and your fields are in place, it’s time to use the information to send targeted campaigns.

Create groups

To improve engagement with your contact list, create groups in your list according to common features within your list, and send them content that’s directly pertinent to their interest.

Your confirmation and welcome emails are going to be the first impression your subscribers get about your newsletter. Moreover, your welcome email is a great place to greet customers and ask them to be added to their safe senders list. Your welcome email is pre-setup and automatically sent when you created your account.

Editing the confirmation email:

Editing the welcome email:

Note: Welcome and confirmation emails cannot be edited within a trial account.

Advanced HTML user? You can paste your HTML directly into the emails.

If you like the layout of the first campaign you sent, you can save time when creating your next campaign by duplicating the first one you sent.

So what will you talk about?

Email is a great place to begin, or continue, a conversation with your customer base. However, while talking about promotions and specials deals is great, it’s not very conducive to conversations. A good rule of thumb is that, 80% of your communications should be content that brings value to your customer, and only 20% should be a sales pitch.

Here are a few ideas beyond the latest greatest deal you can talk about:

Be the expert

Give them relevant information about your industry: If you’re a hair salon, you can separate your customers by hair length, and suggest different styles for each. If you’re a restaurant, you might even consider sharing a recipe for salad dressing, or give wine and meal suggestions.


If you’re a mechanic, you can send an email to remind customers to change their winter tires, or get their Air Conditioning checked.

It’s okay just to say “hi”

Sometimes, you can just say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” without saying “Big Blowout Special!”

It’s even better to say thank you

Did you attend an event and meet up plenty of great new people? Acknowledge them: send them an email, thanking them for their time, and asking them questions about what interests them.

Oh wow – you remembered!

By asking people when their birthday is, you can send them “Birthday Present” via email: they can bring a printout of the email you sent them to redeem their gift. You won’t have to remember the day either: just create twelve groups (one for every month), and schedule a campaign to be sent out on the first of the month.

Share a story

If you’re a wedding planner, and you saw a really awesome tradition take place, you can tell your other clients about it – it might help them create new traditions.

Any company changes

Going to a tradeshow out of town? Send an email to your customers in a city to tell them you’ll be nearby. Moving? Tell your loyal following about your new address.

Are you visiting?

Are you attending a tradeshow? Hosting a special event? Send out an email invitation to your customers. It’s cheaper than paper invitations, greener and you can actually see who reads it.

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